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How do I keep the corners of my pusher from bending?
The best way to keep the front corners of your snow pusher from bending is to avoid running into things!  Unfortunately, that's easier said than done.  We have angled and positioned the inner supports of our Snow Hawg pushers in a manner that virtually eliminates bent corners.  We manufacture our inner supports with a heavy-duty round tubing rather than a square support.  Round tubing is much less likely to bend than square tubing.

Can I get a Snow Hawg with a steel cutting edge instead of rubber?
We do not recommend using a steel cutting edge on a snow pusher.  Steel edges can damage the surface that you are plowing.  If you run into an obstruction such as a manhole cover with a steel edge you are likely to damage your cutting edge, your machine and possibly yourself.  Our rubber edges are made from a premium-grade material and they do a fantastic job of scraping a surface clean. 

Why are Snow Hawg pushers painted rather than powder coated?
In our experience, both paint and powder coating will eventually age and wear.  Paint is easily maintained.  Powder coating must be sandblasted off before recoating adding quite a bit of expense to your maintenance costs.  We paint all of our pushers with a tough, equipment grade paint.  Our standard color is CAT yellow.  We offer several other colors at no additional charge and are happy to paint your pusher in a custom color for a small additional fee.

What is the difference between AR400 and T1 Steel?
T1 steel is approximately half the strength of AR400.  "AR" stands for "abrasion resistant".  We fabricate the wear shoes for all of our Snow Hawg models from AR400 steel.  Many of our competitors use T1.  Snow Hawg shoes are designed to last through multiple snow seasons.

SnowHawg/FB_IMG_1450913940219.jpg SnowHawg/WilsonSH2.jpg SnowHawg/WilsonSH1.jpg SnowHawg/TruckCustom6.JPG
SnowHawg/TruckCustom5.jpg SnowHawg/SnowHawgLoad.JPG SnowHawg/SHWLFront.JPG SnowHawg/SHWLBack.JPG
SnowHawg/SHQuickAttach.jpg SnowHawg/SHPullback2.jpg SnowHawg/SHPullback1.JPG SnowHawg/SHLine.JPG
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SnowHawg/NOMOUNT2.JPG SnowHawg/KubotaSH5.JPG SnowHawg/KubotaSH4.JPG SnowHawg/KubotaSH3.JPG
SnowHawg/KubotaSH2.JPG SnowHawg/KubotaSH1.JPG SnowHawg/JCBMount2.JPG SnowHawg/GMSH.JPG
SnowHawg/Forklift2.JPG SnowHawg/Forklift1.JPG SnowHawg/BlueSHGallery.jpg

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